Signature tone

The artists displayed on our site have all deeply inspired us with their music, tone and style. All of them are either playing or have played Fender amps and talked warmly about it. Those guys have got a signature tone that one can recognize in just a matter of seconds, sometimes just with two or three notes. We know well that “it ain’t the amp” that creates a signature tone. They could probably have used any piece of equipment and still achieved a similar musical success. Still, we find it interesting that Fender amps are so appreciated by these players, and by many others.


What is it with Fender amps that attracts us so much? One reason is the transparancy, simplicity and natural tone. What you hear is really the guitar and the fingers plucking the strings. Compared to many other amps there is very little color added to the tone. The EQ is balanced and relatively flat. When you add some lush Fender reverb and push the power amp section and the transformers beyond the linear operation mode, you will experience the holy grail of vintage Fender tone. The Fender amps can be brutal and reveal the smallest playing mistake. You will get no help in a saturated distortion or other cheap effects. This is what makes you a better guitar player, like it or not.

Tone = Style + Equipment

Our definition of tone is a combination of playing style and equipment. Style is personal, equipment is not. We will anytime with anyone debate that the amp is the most critical component in the equipment category. Then comes the guitar and effect pedals. Not even the best hand made boutique guitars sound good with poor amps. The interesting truth is that lots of crappy guitars can sound good with a killer amp.