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Web site

  • Our web site containing primarily reviews and our personal opinions on Fender amps and guitars. Some facts as well. We explain how these instruments works and share our tips for enhancing and maintaining them.
  • After a few years of experimenting we’ve decided to not have any interactive sessions with our users, such as forum discussions or blog comments. Our facebook page and youtube channel are better suited as interactive channels.


  • Our Instagram profile is weekly updated with pictures of vintage Fender amps and other guitar gear.
  • Our photografy skills will hopefully improve as we continue to share snapshots of our daily amp activities.

Facebook page

  • Our facebook page is a channel where amp tips, reviews, sales ads and music inspirations will be posted.
  • All members are welcome to post pictures and comments. Everyone can answer and comment on all posts.
  • The facebook page is our preferred channel to be personally contacted in case of questions or comments related to amp sales/rental or questions about the content of our Buyer’s guide to vintage Fender amps. We can be contacted either via open posts or private messages.
  • Please note that we do not have capacity for troubleshooting and tech questions. An obvious exception is, of course, questions related to amps that you have bought from us :-). We get dozens of private messages, emails and phone calls every day from people all over the world. Unfortunately we do not have time to help everybody fixing their amps, identify transformers or answering the question “Which speakers sound best for my amp.”



  • Since we do not have any political agenda we do not have a Twitter account. There is a passive account which is not in use. In general, and on the political agenda, we think people should be nice to eachother and live in peace and quiet. Open a can of beer, turn up your amp and you’ll be happy.