fenderguru.com road amps

We proudly present our road amps for 2015, available for hire in the Nordic countries. These amps are set up to operate under rough conditions and can play really loud if they have to. Most importantly with vintage gig amps is reliability. You do not want the fuse, tubes, speakers, reverb tank + cables and pots to fail, scratch or make unwanted noise. All amps have 6L6 bias set to a safe 33mA and with 12au7 reverb driver tubes for better reverb control. The speakers are modern, heavy duty speakers with military specs with vintage correct Fender tone (almost 🙂 ). All have working tremolo and reverb with footswitch, though very few use it. All amps are played weekly for longer periods of time to allow bugs and errors to be discovered and repaired, either tubes, caps or pots. The amps have solid baffles and tight cabinets with no loose screws or rattling parts.

road amps

From right to left:

– Our “Linda Ronstadt Deluxe Reverb”, a 71 silverface Deluxe Reverb that has been blackfaced in cosmetics and circuitry. It has 6L6 power tubes, upgrade transformers, diode rectifier and a mean 60s EVM12L speaker. It has a switchable negative feedback loop (see fenderguru.com/amps/bassman how it works) for a slight volume and treble boost. We recommend everyone to try the EVM12L in a Deluxe Reverb, either reissue or vintage amp. It has a liquid clear Dumble’ish clean tone to die for.

– A blackfaced 71 Vibrolux Reverb with a custom 10″ + 12″ baffle. It’s loaded with an ass-whopping Celestion Alnico Gold 12″ and light weight yet powerful and efficient Jensen Jet Series Tornado 10″. The speakers are loud, punchy and sparkling. Typically blackface, just more. The amp also has the negative feedback foot switch.

– A 66 Pro Reverb 2×12″, original except for the WGS speakers. The British voiced speakers will handle most pedals well since they smooth out the brightest treble frequencies.

– A 66 Super Reverb 4×10″, also original except for the 2x Jensen Jet Series Tornado 10″ and 2x Weber 10A125, both American voiced speakers. This amp is meant to be played on large stages and is bright and powerful.