Treble bleed or 50’s wiring

You may have noticed that the tone gets a little darker when you back down the volume on your guitar, especially for stratocasters and telecasters. This is an effect of the original circuitry from Leo Fender. Some like it, some don’t. Those who like it tend to appreciate a mellow rythm playing tone when backing down the volume. On the other hand, there are a few scenarios where you might enjoy having full treble at lower volumes:

– When you play solo and licks with reduced guitar volume and want the same tone as on full volume setting.
– When you actively use your guitar volume knob to go from cranked to clean sound with a tube amp set in its sweet spot.
– When you play at reduced guitar volume with pedals, such as wah wah, fuzz, boost, overdrive/fuzz, and your pedals sound best with the same full and sparkling tone as on maximum volume.


If you recognize any of the scenarios above, you should read further on where we recently have explained how you can achieve this with either adding a treble bleed kit or re-wire to the 50’s wiring. These are two popular mods not only for Fender guitars, but all brands and models.

Also, as we go from warm summer to colder temperatures, remember to check your truss rod tension and adjust action accordingly either with saddle height, truss rod tension or pickup height.